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Our mission is to provide hope and inspiration for heart patients. 

Dream big and and reach your personal goals!

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Heidi Dohse is a professional heart patient and she is passionate about improving patient outcomes. She partners with physicians and researchers around the world to better empower individuals so that they can live active and healthy lives.  

Tour de Heart is collecting feedback from people dealing with heart issues via the Patient Experience Survey 

What is Tour de Heart?


My 35+ year journey with heart issues:

As an athlete dealing with heart issues, I have the challenge to overcome health obstacles in order to reach my goals. 


Goal of Tour de Heart:

I feel that there  is not enough hope and inspiration for people dealing with heart problems.  My personal goal, and the reason I created Tour de Heart, is to show what is possible when we have the tools and information to manage our heart health.  Also I want to provide visibility to the amazing lives people with heart issues are living.


Find Your Finish Line!

People often ask me how I got my active life back after 7 pacemakers, suffering from heart failure and open heart surgery.  It starts with having the desire to set a goal and reach it. For me that has been to select bike races that I could train for and measure success when I cross the finish line. The races continue to get bigger and each finish line I cross puts me further away from being a victim of heart disease.

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