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My 30+ year journey with heart issues:

As an athlete dealing with heart issues, I have had the challenge to overcome health obstacles in order to reach my goals. 

Goal of Tour de Heart:

There is not enough hope and inspiration for people dealing with heart problems.  My personal goal, and the reason I created Tour de Heart, is to show what is possible when we have the tools and information to manage our heart health.  Also I want to provide visibility to the amazing lives people with heart issues are living.

Find Your Finish Line!

People often ask me how I got my active life back after 7 pacemakers, suffering from heart failure and open heart surgery.  It starts with having the desire to set a goal and reach it. For me that has been to select bike races that I could train for and measure success when I cross the finish line. The races continue to get bigger and each finish line I cross puts me further away from being a victim of heart disease.

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